Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Mishael F. Ohanwadi

Mishael F. Ohanwadi attends Gettysburg College. She and her four siblings are from Monrovia, and Mishael’s older sister raised her after their mother passed away. As a teenager without parents, it is challenging to be bold and set a positive examples for others, especially in a setting where teenage girls are often discouraged from stepping up, but Mishael was able to strive through difficult moments with her siblings’ support. With the help of her community, she was able to raise funds for and construct a water pump for her neighbors. She has donated school supplies, meals, and clothing to less fortunate children living in orphanages. She also worked to spread COVID-19 awareness to ensure that rural Liberian communities have proper sanitation standards.
Mishael is passionate about the environment and has been involved in several activities which contributed to its improvement. She has participated in environmental programs and wants to set an example for other young people in Liberia to take a stand in addressing serious issues. Mishael intends to study environmental science to create sustainability, address global needs, and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in Liberia. 

Mishael Ohanwadi SHE-CAN scholar

Academic Major

Class of 2025

Mentor Team

Anne Beermann
Sarah Gieringer, Head of Global eCommerce Marketing, Worldpay from FIS
Ana Law
Elise Markel, Vice President of Internal Communication, Morgan Stanley
Nancy Shipp, Founder and Partner, Quest College Advisors