Our SHE-CAN Scholar:

Lucky “Courage” Ughweri

Courage Ughweri is on her journey to higher education at the University of Portland. Lucky grew up with her family in a low-income environment. Being the youngest of seven girls, she has always been treated as a baby. However, beneath all those baby treatments from her family, they gave and continue to give her the hardest push into becoming the accomplished version of herself. In high school, Courage held leadership roles such as class president and advisor to the school’s president. Courage graduated from the O’nance International Christian School as the salutatorian. Also, she served as the captain for a girls basketball team within her community, where she continued to nurture her leadership ability and encouraged other girls to join the team. Upon graduation, Courage attended the Stella Maris Polytechnic University (SMPU) majoring in Civil Engineering. While in SMPU, Courage secured a scholarship from Universal Outreach to help reduce the expenses on her family. She also tutored aspiring women engineers and held leadership roles such as class president and secretary in almost every class she attended.

Courage’s passion for engineering is not limited to building infrastructures; rather it includes building people’s lives and improving their safety through whatever means within her reach. With this drive, Courage became a founding member and Chief Operations Officer of Youth Action for Progressive Initiative (YAPI), where they worked in low-income areas to support people with substance addictions. YAPI has had projects such as outreach to low income areas and hosting workshops for students. She also volunteered with Courageous Ladies Initiatives (COLI), where they donate sanitary materials and clothings to orphanage homes and provide scholarships and school supplies for the less privileged. Courage also constructed a concrete footpath bridge and reconditioned a well – which is a source of drinking water for many – in her community because the rate at which diseases were spreading among the inhabitants of the community was alarming. 

All in all, Courage hopes to impact lives positively through her field of study, and serve as a role model for other young women venturing into STEM.

Lucky Courage Ughweri SHE-CAN scholar

Academic Major

Class of 2026

Mentor Team

Oruba Anthony, Dean of Special Education, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy
Haley Brown, Assistant Director of Inclusive Education, Kent School District
Angela Dolginow
Christa Wittenberg, Director, Retail Sales & Channel Marketing, Meta