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Nicole Visits her Mentors

PictureHere I am baking gingerbread cookies at my mentor Lynda’s house

My three-week stay in the Bay Area in California was an awesome time. Catching up with my mentors, doing community service at SHE-CAN, and a two-day leadership training were some of the highlights of my break.  I had a fun and refreshing experience staying with each of my five mentors at different times. Spending time with them has been one of the things I look forward to during my time here in the US. I enjoy their company and the many fun holiday activities we do together.
I also had a wonderful opportunity to work alongside two amazing women leaders for a week at the SHE-CAN office. I was honored to serve at the same organization that has always and still continues to support me. In spite of the short time that I was in the office, I was able to get a glimpse of the daily efforts that go into making SHE-CAN the great organization that it has become. I learned from being in the office, but I learned even more outside of the office during the leadership summit that SHE-CAN organized for all of us scholars. I was definitely fulfilled, and got more enthusiasm to continue to be strong in my endeavors.