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Nicole Excels in Second Semester at Arizona State University


The 2015 spring semester was quite a rewarding one for me.  I was well prepared to begin the semester thanks to a wonderful month-long stay with my beloved OAD mentors who kindly welcomed me in their homes cared for me as their own.  With them I relaxed from the stress of the previous semester and received the encouragement I needed to get prepare for another.

The prior semester had been very challenging for me. During my first semester at Arizona State University, I took several challenging class in math and English. It was intimidating getting used to the whole new experience of studying abroad during my first semester.

By the end of my second semester, however, it felt like I had finally adjusted to the new cultures and systems. This transition helped me feel confident entering the spring semester, even excited! I wanted to see what improvements I had made and how friends and school would change.  My second semester transition was much smoother, not because it was easier, but because I was better equipped to handle the workload.

The spring semester was a semester in which I took a little more challenging classes, I was applying for a professional internship back in Rwanda for the summer and I had to prepare a proposal to submit for my scholarship program to sponsor my summer plans.  Not only did I excel in my academics, but I also secured an internship at the Rwanda Development Board in the Exports and Business Development Department for the next two months.  I know now that with a little hard-work, support from my amazing mentors, and experience under my belt that I can overcome any challenges and succeed!