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Jocelyn on Making Connections and Settling In


Lafayette became something I never expected to find here – it has already become my second home. During Orientation, I made friends that are still there even with different classes, clubs, sports and the stress of courses and assignments. Most significantly, I enjoyed International Student Orientation because I was able to be myself, learn about other countries, and gain friends who we were ready to share our “First times.” Now, we all look forward to the International Students Association meetings at the end of the month.

One thing that really made me grow in acquaintance with the Lafayette community are games, and brown bag lunches and dinners that I find really interesting. And of course, as every student, the presence of free food is a fun and welcome escape from the dining halls.

My classes this semester are Biology, Calculus, Cultural Anthropology and First Year Seminar: Ten ways to Know Nature. I like my cultural anthropology class because I always find myself with a unique perceptive and culture despite the loads of reading and writing assignments. We are currently reading “Americanah”, a novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It illustrates the adjustment of a student from Nigeria when she first attends a US college. A really strange and funny fact is that the girl’s first real friend’s name is Samantha so is mine. I see myself so much in her and I enjoy discussing the book in class.

Outside class, I am involved in many clubs such as basketball club, Biology club, TEDx Lafayette, Lafayette Outdoor Society, and the International Students Association, to name a few. So far, I enjoy meeting with these clubs, either weekly for 15-30 minutes, or the longer, monthly meetings. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and meeting for lunch or dinner and hanging out in one of the residence halls with most International Students on campus. Other times, I am either working at my campus job, reading and doing homework and assignments in the library, going to seek help for Calculus through a program called Calculus Cavalry, or just in my room talking to my awesome roommate.

I am grateful for how everything is going so far and how gracefully I am adjusting to the new environment, food, people, classes, and culture. I am grateful that now I accepted the fact that I have to repeat everything I say because “Oh forgive me, it is because of your thick accent!”