From Our Scholar Blogs:

Jocelyn on Her Adventures in San Francisco


After finishing my finals in December, I flew to San Francisco to spend my first winter break with my mentors and to attend January’s OAD leadership seminar. Despite the overwhelming feeling of travelling alone and the size of the Dallas Airport, I knew that I was in for an amazing time and that this would be one of the best memories from my first year in college.

Unfortunately, my plane was delayed for two hours and it was late at night when I finally arrived at the San Francisco airport. I was a little nervous that the late plane may have inconvenienced my mentors, but those fears quickly went away! When I walked out of the airport, my three mentors were excitedly waiting to great me with big smiles and hugs.

My five awesome mentors (everybody agrees they are unabashedly amazing!) and everyone else at OAD gave me the best break that I could have ever asked for. Everyone helped to make sure that I had the complete experience visiting San Francisco and saw all of the tourist attractions. There is almost an overwhelming sensation that comes with being in such a big and beautiful city, so it was great that I also had some time to wander on my own and try to take it all in.


Before Christmas, I had fun getting in the holiday spirit by attending a Dickens Christmas Fair, going to Nerd Nite and cooking a Rwandan meal. On Christmas Day, I went to Cupertino where I received wonderful gifts from everyone. I also enjoyed spending some time with people my own age and we all had a great day together.

I spent the next few days before New Year’s in Berkeley and attended a play about Molly Ivins called “Red Hot Patriot.” I went to Lake Tahoe for New Year’s Day and it was a really amazing place. I tried skiing for the first time while I was there and I am glad with how I did. It was a lot of fun!

After returning to San Francisco, my mentors took me on countless (and rad!) adventures. My favorite part was trying a different San Francisco cuisine at every dinner. During my last days in the Bay Area, I went to Golden Gate Park, a Berkeley basketball game, Twin Peaks, a Karaoke Night, and sleepovers with two others scholars. Finally, I went bowling on my last day in San Francisco and I was nearly the champion! I had all these adventures because my mentors took days off from work or finished up early in order to give me this amazing experience.

Coming back to campus in late January, I feel very grateful to my mentors and seriously pampered by my vacation in San Francisco. I am filled with energy as I kick off my spring semester and I am so excited for what is ahead for me!