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How Noella is Adjusting to Social Distancing


Walking around Lake Waban, located on the Wellesley campus

Noella Ingabire, a rising junior at Wellesley College, wrote this blog in April about her adjustment to the coronavirus pandemic. 

​It’s been almost a month since this crazy situation started. A week before the college closed, I went to class as usual and the girl sitting next to me asked me if I heard the news. I had been studying for 3 midterms the day before, so I had no idea what she was talking about. 

She told me that colleges all over the country were closing and that Wellesley was probably going to close too. At the time, it seemed impossible to me. I mean, the college had never closed in the middle of a semester, not since it was founded in 1870. Could that really happen? Let’s just say I largely underestimated how bad the situation was. ​
Three and a half weeks later, and we’re in ‘confinement’. The word itself is enough to make me feel a claustrophobic. I prefer saying ‘social distancing’. The Wellesley campus is big and very spread out so luckily social distancing doesn’t feel too difficult to do. I can still go for walks and get some fresh air without putting myself or other people at risk. Sometimes it’s easy to forget everything that is happening. At times like this, I am really glad that Wellesley is far from the city. I am especially thankful that I don’t have to worry about getting groceries or finding toilet paper.

A picture from a typical walk through campus for me

I have to say that one of the perks of not being constantly surrounded by people is that I get to focus on myself and use the abundant amount of time that I now have for introspection and personal growth. Since I am now mostly by myself, I find that I spent a lot more time thinking and taking care of myself way more than I did before. I downloaded an app for meditation called Headspace and I have been using it every night before going to bed. It has helped me take my mind off things and helped me focus on accomplishing my daily goals.

I’ve found that I’ve had much more time to relax and reflect–often with a cup of tea in hand!

Although I am stuck in my room for most of the time, I have been trying to keep myself active both physically and mentally. I even started taking online dance classes on a website called Steezy. I had wanted to take dance classes for a while but never really had the time for it. On Steezy, there are classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, but I am still taking beginner level classes. I have been enjoying the lessons so far! I get to have fun and exercise at the same time. Isn’t that perfect?

Finally taking a dance class through the website Steezy


Finding time for new things: learning to use a power drill!

In these stressful and uncertain times, I am learning how important it is to stay connected with my friends, family, and also with myself. Most importantly, I am trying to keep myself safe and healthy.