From Our Scholar Blogs:

Assumpta & Irene Attend Global Youth Connect Conference 


We were fortunate to be part of the 2015 Summer Global Youth Connect (GYC) conference in Rwanda. We were thrilled to be a part of this experience mainly because of the knowledge we learned from the curriculum and our peers. By attracting students from around the globe, GYC provided a diverse environment that fostered intercultural interaction. This helped us analyze how different people look at situations and may react differently to various situations.

GYC is an NGO focused on teaching youths about human rights studies. The organization aims to raise awareness, take action and work collaboratively on projects to promote and defend human rights. By talking about complex issues we were encouraged to solve problems and share opinions with people from vastly different backgrounds. These educational conferences take place bi-annually in post conflict countries and are designed to foster student leaders on the topic of human rights.


The most interesting part of the experience was the in-person visits to a Batwa village, refugee camp, reconciliation village and various government ministries. These experiences served as an eye opener for how once-conflicted groups can begin to interact again in a healthy manner. I have been very moved by how far my country has come since it was destroyed in 1994. Exposure to these experiences reminds me that I have power to take part in building my country!