Meet Our Mentors: Team Makara

NEWS | May 15, 2022

We Are Adding 100 New SHE-CAN Mentors

This year we are accepting our largest class of new scholars — 20 driven young women from Cambodia, Liberia, and Guatemala will join SHE-CAN. That means we are adding 20 new mentor teams — 100 mentors total! We have recruited 85 mentors so far and are looking for another 15 people to join them!

Over five years, mentor teams help their scholar reach her full potential and launch her leadership career at home. Specifically, they help her win a college scholarship, love and guide her throughout her four years in the U.S., and provide her with valuable career connections. Mentors build lifelong bonds with their scholar and enrich their family by including a global citizen in their life.  

To learn more about mentoring, reply to this email or sign up for an information session on our website. Continue reading to meet a mentor team up close and learn how they are helping their scholar succeed.

Meet Team Makara

Cambodian SHE-CAN scholar Makara Poy is a sophomore at Dartmouth College. She is double-majoring in Government and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and when she returns home, she wants to work in the field of gender equity and international development. She says, “I can’t imagine my college journey without my mentors’ support and compassion. They make me feel confident in my personal and professional development.” 

Lead mentor Nisha Krishnaiah is the team’s SHE-CAN liaison and coordinates activities with Makara and her team. She says, “Mentoring Makara has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I look forward to seeing what she will do with this amazing opportunity and delight in the fact that we helped unleash her potential.”

Leadership mentor Christine Wan guides Makara in outlining her goals and helps her develop the tools to fulfill them. She says, “It has been so fulfilling to mentor Makara and to watch her grow from a high school student from Cambodia to a confident, world-traveled, go-getter. She is an inspiration to not only me but also to my family.”

Internship mentor Dina Morell coaches Makara through her professional development, from reviewing her resume to arranging interviews. She says, “I know we are here to guide Makara along her journey, but she teaches us so many things along the way. Every conversation with her makes me so much prouder of the young lady she is and the future leader she will become.”

Travel mentor Stefani Wedl is responsible for helping Makara coordinate her flights, passport, visa, and holiday mentor visits. She says, “I’ve enjoyed watching Makara persevere and succeed, I’ve learned a bit about Cambodian culture, and I’ve formed rewarding friendships with my awesome co-mentors. Makara has made my mentors and me extremely proud!”

Academic mentor Maryann LoRusso assists Makara in all things academic — selecting courses, navigating campus life, and more. Maryann says, “I’ve enjoyed supporting Makara as she hones her academic skills at Dartmouth. It has been such a joy and a privilege to be one of her mentors, to host her over the holidays, and to witness her growth as a scholar, a young woman, and a future global change maker.

Financial mentor Karen Lee makes sure Makara has the financial acumen she needs to succeed, both in the U.S. and once she returns home. She says, “Makara has impressed me from the start with her drive and her dedication to learning and leading different initiatives. She makes me proud to devote time to someone who fully utilizes all the resources that she had been granted.”